About KIDCO Child Care

KIDCO Opening Day

Since 1976 one top priority the KIDCO administration has valued is to provide high-quality subsidized early care and education services to the at-risk population it servers. This includes providing a high-quality early care and services to working poor families.

As an accredited early care and education program KIDCO must uphold the standards set by the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), National Academy of Early Childhood Programs Accreditation. Funds assist KIDCO in providing child care services in a "Gold Seal" facility to families who fit the ‘working poor’ classification and need support from social service agencies like KIDCO.

KIDCO Child Care is a year round early care and education agency that operates from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, for 261 days of the year. Our services are measured in many ways but primarily through the daily attendance of our children from birth to 5 (or age they enter kindergarten). Following is a breakdown by site of how many children are served at the three sites identified in this funding request.

KIDCO I, KIDCO II & III, located in Wynwood, are licensed by the Department of Children and Families; are Gold Sealed and (NAEYC) Accredited. KIDCO I serves 110 children (1 CBO) from birth to 5, KIDCO II serves 173 children from birth to 5 (6 CBO) and KIDCO III serves 107 children from ages 2 to 5 on a daily basis providing services 11 hours per day. KIDCO IV, located in Little Haiti, is licensed by the Department of Children and Families; is Gold Sealed and (NAEYC) Accredited and serves 60 children 3-5 years of age.

It is also important to note that services also go directly to parents, community guests and staff members as they enjoy and plan their activities in a setting that is conducive to learning and enjoyment. For example, many parents serve as volunteers each day and support children’s learning. They also come in for their parent conferences, parent meetings and training opportunities. KIDCO offers valuable resources to parents, staff and collaborates closely with other community partners.


Our mission at KIDCO Child Care, Inc. is to provide comprehensive quality early childhood services to our young children, ages birth to five by...

  • Providing continued training to our teaching staff and parents.
  • Involving parents in their children’s early education.
  • Providing extended hours of care to meet the needs of our parents.
  • Supplementing three nutritionally balanced meals per day to our children.
  • Providing children with adequate experiences in and out of our facilities through planned visits and field trips.
  • Providing outdoor play experiences with safe and appropriate equipment.
  • Collaborating and participating in community events complying with all funding agencies requirements.
  • Continuing our search to increase our funding base to ensure quality services.
  • Providing health/mental services to children and families.
  • Collaborating with community agencies to meet the individual needs of children and families.
  • Including children with special needs in each of the services provided.


Provide a quality early care and education program for children between birth and school entrance age and their families.

  • Use a quality open framework curriculum based on meeting the needs of the individual child during the formative years.
  • Use referrals to assist children and families in securing their basic needs through community services.
  • Involve parents at all levels of commitment; in the areas of education, health, nutrition, policy and general information.
  • Assist parents and families with their basic needs, particularly their educational needs and information for mothers during pregnancies.
  • Work with teachers, teacher assistants, caregivers and service employees who share KIDCO’s commitment to developmentally and individual appropriate practices.
  • Work with teachers, teacher assistants, caregivers, and service employees who provide each child with a learning environment and experiences that affirm total development and foster readiness skills.
  • Celebrate the agency’s history with pride.
  • Celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity within the community and the program sites with respect and dignity.
  • Collaborate and cooperate with the community-based agencies and the private sector for the betterment of all children and families.
  • Hire and work with individuals who share in the vision of supporting young children and their families and have the experience and the educational expertise to help achieve this goal each day.

Our Dedicated Staff

The daily operations at KIDCO are carried out by its experienced and knowledgeable administrative team, kindly referred to as ‘Team K’.

Nilsa Velázquez-Martínez is the founder and Executive Director; her right hand is Dr. Silvia La Villa, who has been at KIDCO since its inception in 1976. Ivette Riano, Rosa Casamor and Frank Emmert are the heart and soul of Team K and they carry-out the operations of the many funding programs which make up KIDCO.

Nilsa Velazquez-Martinez President

Nilsa Velazquez-Martinez


Team K

Dr. Silvia La Villa

Dr. Silvia La Villa

Executive Associate Director
KIDCO Child Care Miami

Ivette Riano

Head Start/Early Head Start
/Early Childhood Director
KIDCO Child Care Miami

Rosa Casamor

Social Services Director
KIDCO Child Care Miami

Frank Emmert

Fiscal Director

Table of

The Table of Organization displays KIDCO Child Care, Inc.’s organizational structure. It shows all existing positions from the Board of Directors; the administration; the program personnel and those who perform the day to day operations. The Table of Organization also displays the chain of command or “process chain”. This is the hierarchy that is followed as an agency.

It demonstrates the positions needed in order to achieve KIDCO’s objectives which are divided in areas such as: governance, administration, fiscal, and social services. These comprehensive areas include: nutrition, mental health and disabilities, parent involvement, facilities, and staff development. All of these positions work together to achieve our final goal, which is to provide quality early care and education to the children served. View Here.