Why Choose KIDCO?

At KIDCO we aim to provide each child with fun and creative experiences that foster their cognitive, social, creative, emotional and physical development.

We make it our priority to surround your child with learning opportunities within a curricular framework that promotes children’s total growth and development. In order to meet this enormous task, we count on you to share information about your child as a learner that will become part of their daily experiences. These are valuable contributions you make to your child’s education both at the center and at home, today and in the future.

KIDCO recognizes how important it is to provide young children with nurturing, challenging and diverse environments that support active learning and build positive self-esteem. We accomplish these goals by being a quality early care and education program. KIDCO is a professional, community-based organization, with an active Board of Directors, Board of Trustees and Parent and Policy Committees. KIDCO keeps up to date with research-based trends and applies best practices to the daily curriculum. This requires credentialed, well-informed adults. Our teachers, teacher assistants, and service area personnel give children the necessary guidance, structure and flexibility they need, as they become active, life-long learners.

These goals and expectations depend upon your help and cooperation as parents. We are doing all we can to make your time at KIDCO Child Care an enjoyable, growing experience for you, your child, and your family. We are sure that with your support we will have a very exciting school year.

More information: info@kidco-childcare.org

Enrolling your child at KIDCO is EASY

Deciding which early care and education program to leave your child each day is challenging. At KIDCO we provide you with the information you need to make this important decision with confidence, while making the process as simple as possible.

During your initial visit and/or conversation with one of our clerks we will provide you with information regarding our openings and/or waitlists and we can make one of our Enrollment Information Packets available. Then when you enroll your child at KIDCO, you can rest easy knowing that he or she is receiving high-quality early care and education in a safe and nurturing environment.

Come visit any of our four sites or our central offices (located at 3630 NE First Court) and see for yourself. Or you can call us at 305.576.6990 to request a packet that will provide you with a checklist of what you need to bring and the actual forms you will need to get started. We assure you that we follow ALL licensing requirements (building integrity and cleanliness, teacher-to-child ratio, dietary guidelines, curriculum, etc.) as it provides the foundation for a quality program. Print the Application

More information: info@kidco-childcare.org

Tuition & Fees

See brochure for Tuition and Fees information: KIDCO Brochure

Donate to KIDCO

KIDCO is a not-profit organization. In these tough economic times we ask you to please consider donating and help us maintain the high levels of excellence we seek to provide each and every child.